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Marketing and Communications Consulting Services

Laird Greenshields is a former journalist and marketing manager with extensive background in marketing communications and international media relations. Laird has more than 35 years experience in journalism and communications, and sales and marketing roles in various industry sectors. He has developed and implemented marketing programs, communications and strategic marketing plans for many small and medium-sized companies. He has experience developing market entry strategies and distribution channels in all U.S. regional markets. His areas of expertise include market research, marketing communications, trade show analysis and support, and public relations.

Prior to his marketing activities, he worked as a journalist or freelanced for a variety of daily news and trade media organizations, including The Canada Press, Bloomberg, and various trade and industry publications. He has traveled to Asia, Europe and Latin America to prepare magazine features focused on international trade, foreign investment, technology transfer issues, and events and conferences. Laird also has extensive experience in conference and workshop management, particularly with media relations and the recruitment of corporate sponsors.