Mathieson Communications

Marketing and Communications Consulting Services

Our Expertise

Mathieson Communications is a marketing and communications consulting firm. We provide writing services to clients that include press releases, case studies for trade media and Website placement, marketing communications materials, proposals, policy papers, speeches, research reports, and business and marketing plans. Our consultative services include public and media relations strategies, market research, new business development plans, distribution channel and partner assessment, and trade show analysis and support.

Our Approach

Our commitment is to the long-term viability of our clients. All of our efforts, including pricing our services, reflect that approach. Our rates are reasonable and our effectiveness is high. A low‑overhead practice allows us to fit in with today's project team and outsourcing environment. We provide a client with the most thorough analysis and advice possible and assist them in prioritising their needs, identifying the right solutions, and then tailor strategies to meet their specific requirements. We approach client needs with their interests at the forefront, not with a single solution in mind. We are committed to a client's success and plan manageable campaigns, recommend innovative strategies, and stand behind what we recommend. Our deliverables‑based approach ensures that the whole strategy process remains fully visible to a client throughout the project timeframe. Clients save money by using our firm to manage all or part of their initiatives, but not at the expense of results.